Home Pressure Pumps

With authorities in Queensland and other States offering generous incentives for water saving practices such as rainwater collection and storage, there has never been a better opportunity to invest in a stored water supply system for your home. Stored rainwater can be used for everyday household tasks such as drinking and showering, as well as washing vehicles, watering the garden, laundry, toilet flushing, and pool and spa filling. Additional to handsome financial benefits, the collection and storage of rainwater for use in and around the home also helps the environment.
 davey-logo  Established since 1934, Davey manufactures pumps and pressure systems that today are exported to over 60 countries. All Davey pumps are manufactured to meet international standards and their reputation for robustness and reliability has made Davey Australia’s largest manufacturer of water pumps for household water supply.

XJ Pressure System w/ Torrium:

Made in Australia to meet international standards, the Davey XJ has been designed for medium to large, single and multi-storey homes. The combination of the high pressure supplied by the jet assisted XJ pump and constant flow control provided by the Torrium® enables consumers to enjoy the benefits of a strong, comfortable shower without the irritation of old fashioned cycling systems. What’s more, water quality and pump life is ensured by the use of safe corrosion resistant materials.
xj-davey-product xj-davey-chart

HP Pressure system w/ Torrium:

Also made in Australia to meet international standards, the Davey HP has been designed for medium to large size single storey homes. The HP is an efficient, robust and compact multi-stage centrifugal pump. Like the XJ above, the benefits of Torrium® ensures constant flow and the use of corrosion resistant materials preserve water quality and pump life.
hp_davey_product  hp-davey-chart

HM Series With Torrium or Pressure Switch:

The Davey HM is suited for small to large single or two storey houses and boasts the versatility for garden watering as well. It’s a compact, all stainless steel horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump, available with an adjustable pressure switch and gauge, or Torrium® control systems. As with the XJ and HP, stainless steel construction provides corrosion and wear resistance which gives longer pump life and better water quality. High efficiency, low noise and reduced power consumption are achieved by stainless steel impellers and thick self-centering impeller neck rings. The HM with Torrium® eliminates cycling and protects your pump with temperature cut-out. Pressure tanks can be added if site conditions require additional draw off.


For more information on rainwater collection and water storage systems for your home, contact us or drop into one of your local Pump House showrooms. Our experienced industry professionals offer honest and practical advice on the right system for you, including what government incentives are available. Full design and installation are also available from our fully qualified staff.